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Support Center » News » Leeds NHS phishing/spam website
 Leeds NHS phishing/spam website
Posted By: On: 23 Sep 2010 06:32 PM
Details Alway's worth checking websites..

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Counter Fraud Team have recently received information about a phishing/spam website ( that purports to be that of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  Looking at the site, it was clear it had ‘spoofed’ the Hospitals web site design and content.  Upon further investigation two key pages, the recruitment page and contact page had had the details replaced with a generic gmail email address and an international redirect telephone number.  It appeared that the motive behind the site was to collect recruitment/personal information.

It has been confirmed that the spam website was hosted by an African webhost ( and were seeking to have the website taken down.

Investigation has revealed that the bogus site (referred to above) has now been closed down.

The Information Commissioners Office advice is to contact the Office of Trading Standards (Consumer Direct).  Consumer Direct (0845 404 0506) take reports of potential internet fraud and Trading Standards will investigate.  In addition, the Police  ‘Action Fraud’ reporting centre can be contacted with reports of Internet Fraud.  Their web site is telephone 0300 1232040

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