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 "Here you have" mass email worm hits in-boxes
Posted By: On: 10 Sep 2010 04:35 PM
Details A new mass-mailing worm is hitting in-boxes around the world.

A new variant on the “I Love You” worm has reared its ugly head.

A new mass-mailing worm arriving with "Here you Have" and "Just For you" in the subject line is hitting in-boxes around the world.

“The emails contain a link that appears to lead to a PDF file, but instead directs victims to a malicious .SCR executable file served from a different domain” said Craig Schmugar, threat researcher at McAfee Avert Labs, said in a blog post.

The US reports organizations, such as NASA are suffering the effects of this worm. Employees are being advised not to click on the link contained within and to observe best security practices.

The worm attempts to delete security software to remain undetected. Once installed uses your Outlook contacts as well as network resources to propagate itself. Slowing your network to a crawl.

All Internet Central customers utilizing our FortGate firewalls and our Fortimail security solutions should be filtering AntiVirus on mail with File Patterns ‘built-in-patterns’ chosen to block *.exe files and others, including *.scr

If you have any questions regarding your network security or about our Fortinet and FortiMail products please call 01782 667766

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Bill Lauber

Network Security Advisor for Internet Central Ltd

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