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Support Center » News » Internet Central Ltd celebrates 15 years
 Internet Central Ltd celebrates 15 years
Posted By: David Brewis On: 17 Jul 2010 12:01 PM
Details Internet Central Ltd reaches 15 years of operation

It was celebrations all round this week at Internet Central as the company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The company was one of the first Internet Service Providers in the UK and, since its opening in 1995, Internet Central has more than tripled its number of employees and increased the solutions and services it offers to businesses across the UK.

Dave Thorpe, Operations Director, comments: “It’s amazing to think of all the changes that we and technology have undergone since the company started from a small office in Nantwich.   We started with dial up connections and as technology has changed and grown so has Internet Central. 


We are now a dedicated Business Internet Service Provider with a host of nationwide clients from SMEs to large PLCs and public sector organisations who are taking advantage of our national Ethernet connectivity, virtual dedicated servers, class leading security solutions and the market leading unified communications solutions.


With the recent award of ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management, Internet Central’s plans for the future are very much centred on quality and customer service in addition to offering the highest quality technical solutions to meet your business needs.

Take a look at what Internet Central can do for you and your business.




Global Roaming


Virtual Private Servers


Domains/SSL Certificates


SME/Corporate Firewalls

MailShield - virus/spam scanning

End User Client Security


Next Generation Communications (VoIP)

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