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 World Cup Network Challenge
Posted By: On: 04 Jun 2010 02:29 PM
Details Get your network prepared for the World Cup 2010


With the World Cup start less than three weeks away local internet service provider Internet Central is warning businesses to be prepared for the potential problems they may incur when employees go online and watch World Cup matches on work computers.

The BBC recently announced that it will be streaming all its football matches live on the internet and although fans may welcome this, IT Managers across the county will be getting a headache at the thought of it as this means there could be massive demand on office networks and internet connection between 2pm and 5pm when matches kick off. 

Phill Thorley from Internet Central says: “Some businesses may find that their systems are slowed significantly or even brought to a complete standstill with the sudden surge in network traffic and bandwidth being taken up so that business critical applications may not be able to run effectively. It also means people are not concentrating on work and productivity may be affected too.

It is important therefore for businesses to ensure that they have the right procedures in place so that business critical applications are given priority on the network and more importantly that there is enough network capacity. Business will of course also need a TV licence to watch Internet TV.

It is particularly important for businesses that have to send or download large files or whose business may be running on site e-mail or web servers to think about the potential problems and ensure they have effective measures in place. If too much bandwidth is used up watching the World Cup these businesses may find servers become slow resulting in productivity being affected.

For the UK, Wednesday June 23 will probably be the day when most businesses might incur a problem as this is the only day when England’s early stage matches are during office hours.”

It is also vital that businesses establish internet usage policies for employees as well as having the technical solutions to enforce and monitor the policy. These solutions also have the benefit of protecting the corporate network from malicious software, theft of confidential customer data and inappropriate internet usage by employees.

Phill Thorley adds: “Our advice is that companies should implement clear HR policies about the use of the internet in company time and also ensure that their IT network security is robust. 

Businesses also need to think about a flexible system and ensuring that their use can adapt to their needs. Many of our customers are coming to us for the new breed of resilient and high capacity Internet connectivity. While “broadband” may suffice for home and small businesses, the new breed of fibre solutions provide scalable connectivity solutions with a much higher Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Fibre based connections are now offering circuits capable of providing speeds, typically, of 100mb/s and beyond.

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