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 Spam Statistics
Posted By: Wayne Coulthard On: 11 Mar 2010 04:28 PM
Details Latest spam statistics from Internet Central

Electronic SPAM unfortunately remains and will continue to remain economically viable as advertisers have no operating costs aside from their internet account and management of mailing lists. This allows more time and money to be spent improving methods to bypass spam filters.

Internet Central offer a cost effective solution named IC-Mail Shield which is the latest in spam filtering technology proved to reduce spam by up to 97%. With a database updated hourly, this is just one of many methods used to identify new threats before any attempt has even been made to pass through the filter.

Here you will find statistics taken from one of our IC-Mail Shield filters for this year and so far we have identified 94.94% as spam. These statistics show that we can and do keep up with the latest methods and threats and protect our customers with the most advanced spam filtering available to date.

To learn more download our service description here and to get protected click here

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