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Support Center » News » Staffordshire IT company expands with key sales appointment.
 Staffordshire IT company expands with key sales appointment.
Posted By: David Brewis On: 09 Mar 2010 04:05 PM
Details Expansion with the new appointment of Sales Development Manager

Internet Central, a Staffordshire IT company which last month saw it opening a new data centre, is continuing its successful growth with the appointment of Phill Thorley as Sales Development Manager.

Phill joins an expanding team of 16 sales and operation people based at the Keele headquarters and he will use his considerable expertise gained over 20 years in the IT and Telecoms industry, to further assist with the growth of Internet Central which has seen turnover increase year on year in the last five years.

Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with companies such as Cable and Wireless, Phill will be focusing on developing sales for the company’s four main product portfolio areas of business broadband and internet connections, internet hosting, telecoms including VoIP and, IT security. 

In his new role, Phill is keen to further develop the company’s philosophy of quality customer care and having seen the company invest in the architecture of the business areas, using global brands and developing key IT solutions he wants to move the company to the next level, engaging further with customers and developing key relationships that are customer focused.

Commenting on his new appointment Phill says: “Increasingly, companies are looking for a broader integrated IT and telecoms capability and are looking for a solutions service rather than off the shelf products.  I am confident that our product and service capability hits the mark.  I am looking forward to growing and developing this business and the challenges ahead.”

Internet Central’s Operations Director, Dave Thorpe comments: “We are delighted that Phill has joined us.  He has a wealth of experience in the telecoms sector that will undoubtedly strengthen our team.  We have a strong commitment to the UK and local area and helping businesses develop their internet and telecoms requirements and this is demonstrated by this appointment.” 

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