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 Internet Central Lead The Way
Posted By: On: 08 Mar 2010 02:51 PM
Details Internet Central chosen as part of BT trial for ADSL Annex M


Internet Service Provider (ISP) Internet Central is one of 10 companies chosen by BT across the United Kingdom to trial their latest high speed internet technology Annex M. This will mean customers of Internet Central have the potential of internet upload speeds of up to 2.5Mb/s and means companies across Staffordshire and South Cheshire who need to send large files and images on a regular basis will benefit from this latest technology.

The trial, which will last for 3 months, will enable Internet Central to test the hardware, installation, migration and fault management processes prior to the official launch of the product in the summer of this year.

Typically, Broadband ADSL upload speeds range from 832Kb/s up to 1024Kb/s. The new annex M technology also known as ADSL2+ M is allowing speeds more than double the current offering.

Research by the company shows that the average Staffordshire business has an upload speed of approximately 650Kb/s and most don’t realise the potential of what technology is available to them. Slow internet speeds can be a problem when companies want to upload large files or run lots of applications through their internet connection.

Internet Central Sales Manager Phill Thorley comments: “Many companies across the region are still using old technology and don’t realise the options available. ADSL2+ itself was a milestone in internet technology when it was launched in 2007 in the UK, in that for the first time it was possible to give customers high bandwidth services which accommodate the ever increasing demands of bandwidth hungry applications. The deployment of Annex M has led to the development of a number of services that provide faster, more innovative services.”

Phill Thorley, adds: “This service is great for businesses who are looking to upgrade their internet and telecoms capabilities whilst increasing efficiencies. For example if you are a design agency sending large pdf files or a photographer sending lots of images and are finding your current service very slow – this new technology will be of great benefit.”

Businesses wanting to learn more about this technology should contact Phill Thorley on 01782 667788 or email:

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