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 Setup email account on Blackberry device

There are two methods of setting up an email account on a Blackberry handset.  The first approach is using the Blackberry web interface and the second through your Blackberry handset configuration wizard.  Please note this will work for most Blackberry models.

Blackberry Web Interface

The web address should be provided by your mobile network operator; however we have included some links that refer to the most common providers.

For Vodafone

For T-Mobile

For O2

For Orange

Before an email account can be created you must register to the Blackberry service, for this you will need your Blackberry PIN number and the handset IMEI number.  These can be found under the Menu > Options > Status page.

You will need to browse to your mobile network web page either through your Blackberry handset or a PC which would be simpler and faster.  Whilst the following settings are accurate with T-Mobile, other operators may vary.

If you don’t already have an account, follow through the registration process.

-          Read and accept the terms and condition for this service, and click on I Agree

-          Enter the PIN and device IMEI number

-          Enter new username (this is not related to your email address) new password, and click next

Now you have registered to the Blackberry service, the next step is to configure the email address for your Blackberry.

The pages vary per provider so you will need to follow the prompts to set up your pop account, however they all require that you enter your email address that you wish to set up and the account password. You should see:

  “Set up an existing Email account” or “Enter Email address you want added and the password for this pop email account”. Click next and wait until the process has finish. (if unsuccessful try again after a few minutes).

 On completing this you have successfully added a POP email account to your Blackberry device. On the handset a new Envelope Icon should appear confirming this.

Blackberry Handset Configuration Wizard

This step by step process will take you through settings to configure an email account directly from your Blackberry;

-          From the home screen, press the Menu button.

-          Scroll to Setup folder and press the ball button to select

-          Scroll to Setup Wizard and press the ball button to select

-          Scroll to Email Setup option and press the ball button to select (this option is available after you finish the basic configuration wizard)

By this point you should see the option, “I want to create or add an email address”

-          Highlight Next and press the ball button to select

-          Here you will see a brief description for the next step. Again, highlight Next and press the ball button to select

Enter the Blackberry service registration details, these details are the same as previous process, and click log in.

-          You should see now the email accounts, click ball button “Add”

-          Select the type of email account you want to add, there are several options on this screen but for purpose of this document we will be adding a POP email address.

-          Select “Other” option.

-          Enter the email POP address you want to configure to the Blackberry device and the password, Click next. This should take a few minutes to finish.

Done, you should see the account setup confirmation with a message “you have successfully added (email address).

-          Click OK.

You have now finished adding a POP email account.

Note: you should allow 10 minutes to 30 minutes to let the system recognise these new changes.

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