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 Dial up
A simple guide to Dial up

 So you want to use dial up?  Well this guide is idiot proof and will help you to get setup. You don't need to be an expert on a computer to use this guide. It is a step by step guide  helping you get online


Tools you will need before we start

·         Internal modem (all computers will have this)

·         A working telephone line (needs to be active)

·         Telephone cable  (this will connect from the modem on your computer to the phone line


 Step One 

Make sure you have connected your internal modem to the phone line before continuing

Press the start button (this is located in the bottom left corner)

then click on the control panel

Step Two

Click on view classic mode, this can be found on the left hand side

Open the network connections icon which can be done by double clicking the network icon.

Step Three

A new window will appear and on the left hand side you will see the following

  • Create a new connection
  • Change Windows firewall

Select Create a new connection

Step Four

A dialog box will popup  which will say " Welcome to the new connections wizard.

  1. Click next
  2. Select Connect to the Internet, click Next
  3. Select set up my connection manually, click Next
  4. Select connect using a dial-up modem, click Next
  5. In the following box type "Internet Central", click Next
  6. In the following box enter: 08456081315, click Next
  7. Select anyone's use, click Next
  8. Enter username: netcentral
  9. Password: central
  10. Confirm Password: central
  11. Make sure  "Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the internet from this computer" is ticked and "make "this the default internet connection" is ticked. Click Next
  12. Make sure "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" is ticked, click Finish

Step Five

 Go back to the desktop and double click on the dial up connection. This will connect you to the internet via dialup.

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